David and Ruth Lawrence have gained a strong passion for Building & Design after designing & building an Energy Efficient house in Margaret River experimenting with solar active and solar passive principles in 1989 – 1994.

After both studying Architecture and Interior design in the mid 1970s, they became disillusioned with the main stream education system. The lack of emphasis on energy efficiency and practical design solutions led them to walk their own path. They moved to Margaret River in remote Western Australia with their young son, Jesse. It was there, they designed and built a bespoke solar passive house. Hours were spent explaining to impressed visitors why the house performed so well year round, it was in these early years that the concept developed of creating a business based around the holistic approach of combining  Design and  Education with  Consultancy.

Now based in Byron Bay on the North Coast of  New South Wales, Home Retrofitting Consultancy was established in 1995. It was renamed as Byron Energy Efficient Design & Drafting in 2003 and now includes drafting services. In 2012 their son Jesse completed a Diploma of Building Design & Technology at GCIT and has joined Byron Energy Efficient Design & Drafting. Jesse has professional skills with advanced 3D Modelling and Renders for video and picture perspectives as well as extensive CAD and Building and Design Solutions.

Byron Energy Efficient Design & Drafting offers a complete design service from initial concept to completion including Site Visits, Consultancy, Assisting Clients to prepare Design Briefs, 3D Rendering (Picture and Video Perspectives), Design, Drafting and help navigating through Local and State Government Planning Approval.

We also  liaise  with Surveyors, Town Planners, Engineers, Bush Fire Consultants and other Professionals (as required) to ensure your plans are approved in the shortest possible time.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their vision and incorporate sustainable design and construction principles into the built environments, specifically in energy efficient housing.